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What does it cost to attend the Open House?

The 2016 MIT Open House is free and open to all!

Do I need to sign up?

No registration is necessary for the Open House.

Where can I park for the Open House?

Parking in Cambridge is expensive and very difficult to find on an average day. Complicating things further are the occasional detours and road closures due to ongoing construction. On April 23, we anticipate thousands of visitors to campus, and we strongly encourage you to use public transportation to get to MIT. If you are coming by car, we recommend that you to park at one of the MBTA commuter rail and subway stations and take the train from there.

Once you're here, you can get around campus on the MIT shuttles that will run throughout the day.

If you still wish to drive and park in Cambridge, a list of local parking garages and lots is available on the Getting to and around MIT page.

If I don’t bring my car, how do I move around campus all day?

MIT will operate two campus shuttles on April 23. You may pick up this map on-site. You may also view our campus accessibility map.

Please note that the MIT campus is walkable and within walking distance to both the Kendall Square and Central Square MBTA stations.

Where is the nearest MBTA station?

The Kendall Square/MIT stop on the MBTA Red Line is the closest subway station. The MIT campus is also served by several bus routes; visit the MBTA website for times and schedules.

What happens if it rains?

The Open House will take place rain or shine. Outdoor activities may be relocated, but updated information will be provided online and at the Guest Services tents.  

I misplaced an item on campus! Do you have a lost and found?

If you've lost something on campus, we recommend that you first check the location where you last remember being in possession of the item. It's possible that it's still there.

If this proves unsuccessful and the item is of value (i.e., laptops, jewelry, wallets, keys, cell phones), please contact the MIT Police at 617-253-2996.

Unfortunately, there is no central repository for lost items of lesser value, such as umbrellas and hats. We recommend that you retrace your steps and check the location where you think you may have left the item. You may also stop by the Information Center (Building 7-121) to see if somebody dropped off the item at the front desk, which happens on occasion. 

How do I know which activities are appropriate for younger kids?

Many of the Open House activities are family-friendly! Please look for the child and adult symbol next to the activity titles both online and in the printed booklet. That symbol indicates that an activity is suitable for children and families.

I arranged for a large group from my school to come to the Open House. Where do we go when we arrive?

We look forward to having you on campus! Please watch for an email from the Open House Planning Team prior to April 23. You may also contact them with any questions:

Where can I purchase something to eat or drink?

From food trucks to cafeterias, there are plenty of options for grabbing a bite to eat on campus:

Kendall Square Zone

  • Carleton Street food trucks: Mexican food, vegetarian and vegan options

  • 100 Main Market Place (Building E62): Cafeteria eatery with a salad bar, hot and cold food options, grab-and-go foods, snacks, coffee, and other beverages

Killian Court Zone

  • Bosworth's: Pastries, grab-and-go foods, coffee, tea, and other beverages

McDermott Court Zone

  • McDermott Court food trucks: Asian Fusion, vegetarian and vegan options, ice cream, and wood-fire pizza

North Court Zone

  • Koch Café: Cafeteria eatery with hot and cold food options, grab-and-go foods, snacks, coffee, and other beverages

  • Forbes Family Café: Cafeteria eatery with hot and cold food options, grab-and-go foods, snacks, coffee, and other beverages

West Zone

  • Kresge Lawn food trucks: Burgers and fries, Belgian waffles, Asian Fusion, chicken and rice bowls, Jamaican specialties, soups, salads, and sandwiches

  • Stratton Student Center (Building W20):

    • Dunkin' Donuts

    • Cambridgeside Grill (pizza, hot sandwiches)

    • Subway

    • Anna's Taqueria (burritos, quesadillas)

    • Cafe Spice (Indian cuisine)

    • Shawarma Shack (Middle Eastern cuisine)

    • Shinkansen (Japanese cuisine)

Where can I purchase MIT merchandise?

You can find MIT merchandise at the MIT Coop, which has two locations on campus:

Kendall Square
Student Center (Building W20)

Where can I find an ATM?

Here are some of the ATM locations around and near campus:

Student Center (Building W20) - located on first floor
Memorial Lobby (Building 10) - located in the first floor lobby under the Great Dome
139 Massachusetts Avenue visitor parking lot - Bank of America ATM station located on corner of the lot
Stata Center (Building 32) - MIT FCU ATM located on the first floor
Boston Marriott Cambridge - near Kendall Square, ATM located on first floor
Building E48 - located in the corner of the Building (Bank of America branch)

I want to study at MIT! How do I make that happen?

We're pleased to hear that you're interested in attending MIT!
Please start by visiting the MIT Admissions website. There you'll find useful information about preparing for MIT, plus a wealth of other information about the application process, MIT academics, student life, and financial aid. 

Is MIT’s campus accessible?

It is—please refer to MIT's campus accessibility map.

Is there a hashtag for this event?

Yes! Please use #MIT02139 when sharing your Open House experience on social media.

What's the history of the MIT Open House?

For a period of time until the late 1970s, MIT hosted an open house approximately every two years before discontinuing the tradition. It wasn’t until 2011, the year of MIT’s 150th anniversary, that the Institute opened its doors once again for an open house. The feedback was tremendous—more than 20,000 people visited campus, and as a result, the question repeatedly arose: When will you host another open house?  
The 2016 open house is part of the festivities as the Institute celebrates a century of its campus in Cambridge, MA. On April 23, all are invited to Under the Dome: Come Explore MIT, a free, day-long, campus-wide open house for all ages. MIT welcomes its neighbors—and visitors from near and far—to explore the important and fun work happening on campus and beyond.

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