Celebrating a century of employees in Cambridge

“The institution itself…must be the object of intense human care and cultivation. Even when it errs and stumbles, it must be cared for. And the burden must be borne by all who work for it—all who own it, all who are served by it, all who govern it—to care with somewhat the same response to its needs that one would give an individual person.”

—MIT President Howard B. Johnson

Presented by Human Resources at MIT

Ever wonder about all the employees who have worked at MIT in Cambridge through the last 100 years?

This section introduces you to some of the extraordinary people of MIT through 11 profiles spanning the decades from 1916 to today. You’ll meet, among others, an employee who served first as the butler to an MIT President—and later to the President of the United States; a visionary graphic designer; and an administrator and mentor par excellence.

This diverse and talented group of MIT people demonstrates the role employees play in advancing the Institute’s mission while caring for and serving our community.

Featured employees

1910–1920: Mabel Keyes Babcock

1920–1930: Alonzo Fields

1930–1940: Harold Lobdell

1940–1950: Robert M. Kimball

1950–1960: Jacqueline Casey

1960–1970: Evelyn Perez

1970–1980: Maria Bachini

1980–1990: Yvonne Gittens

1990–2000: David Ferriero

2000–2010: Cheryl Vossmer

2010–2016: Tina Chen

Jacqueline Casey

Jacqueline Casey at the 1985 exhibition of her work at the MIT Museum

David Ferriero; photo: National Archives

David Ferriero

Photo: National Archives