Crossing the Charles competition funding

The Chancellor is offering to reimburse expenses up to $1500 per student team for the Crossing the Charles competition. 
Please note that eligibility for reimbursement is limited to student teams and projects with student leadership. For questions about eligibility, please contact us so we may determine whether your team will qualify.   

Reimbursement is available via a check from MIT—please keep your cash receipts.

DEADLINE to submit for reimbursement is MAY 16, 2016 at 5 pm.
1.      Indicate via email that you plan to submit for Chancellor funding/reimbursement
2.      Have one team member collect your receipts from all the team members—only one submission allowed.

         Note: MIT cannot reimburse for MA State Sales Tax. MA sales tax exempt forms may be downloaded, printed, and used while at a store.
3.     Submit your materials for reimbursement. Please include the following:

        (1) A cover note with:
           • Name, phone number, and email address of person submitting (that person will be receiving the check.)
           • Team/entry name, team captain’s name, and entry number
           • List of participants & MIT affiliation (are they students?)
           • Your correct mailing address for May and June 2016. This is where the check will be mailed.     
           • How the purchased materials were used
       (2) Your receipts for reimbursement. Two options:
           • Submit electronically: Please send an email with PDF attachments to by Monday, May 16th at 5 pm.
             Forward/deliver the hard paper copies (clipped, not stapled) of receipts + cover/info letter to
             MIT Institute Events, Room 7-121, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139.  
             You may deliver the hard copy/paper receipts within the week after May 16.

          •  Submit in person: Deliver the hard copies/paper receipts with cover note to the front desk in the Information Center, Room 7-121 (located off of Lobby 7) by 5 pm on Monday, May 16.
Good Luck!