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MIT Campus, Grand Building


From MIT News Wednesday, April 13

Strung together by a series of clever video clips showing the MIT campus being explored by flying drones, a hopping “super mini cheetah” robot, Tim the Beaver, and assorted other guides, a symposium at Kresge auditorium on Tuesday provided an array of brief talks that gave an inspiring and extraordinarily varied sampling of the research and creativity to be found on every corner of the campus.

From MIT News Wednesday, April 6

You may have read books about Isaac Newton. But have you ever seen a play about him? Now is your chance. The MIT 2016 celebrations, commemorating the Institute’s 100th year in Cambridge, include the U.S. debut of “Small Infinities,” a work by MIT professor of theater Alan Brody. The play explores the “life and paradox” of Newton and is among many produced works written by Brody, who has won awards for plays such as “Invention for Fathers and Sons” and “The Company of Angels,” among others. “Small Infinities” will be performed at the Kresge Little Theater, April 7-9 and 14-16, at 7:30 pm.

From MIT News Tuesday, April 5

When MIT moved from Boston to Cambridge in 1916, it built a new campus designed to foster collaboration across disparate disciplines. As the Institute celebrates the centennial of that historic move, more than a dozen faculty from multiple departments across all five schools will gather for a symposium in Kresge Auditorium on Tuesday, April 12, to present short, exciting talks on their groundbreaking research — tied together by an immersive, multimedia campus tour by foot, drone, and skateboard. Come explore!

From MIT News Friday, April 1

MIT’s unique campus is home to 4,500 undergraduate students, but its reach extends far beyond Cambridge. As the Institute celebrates its first 100 years in Cambridge and prepares for the future, one of many challenges it faces is how to best serve students on campus as well as the many students who learn from MIT’s online educational initiatives but never set foot on campus.

From MIT News Tuesday, March 15

College campuses have long played a vital role in our society as educators of future generations, incubators for innovation and economic development, and partners with the communities we serve. As MIT celebrates a century in Cambridge, Massachusetts, leaders in campus design and educational innovation will convene in Kresge Auditorium on March 30 and 31 to share ideas on the past, present, and future of campus architecture and design, as well as MIT’s role as an innovative campus.